Hurricane Dorian viewed from space

NASA astronaut Christian Koch snapped this image of Hurricane Dorian from the International Space Station on Monday, September 2, 2019. The station orbits more than 200 miles (300 km) above Earth.

View from a round window aboard ISS of a powerful, swirling hurricane in the Atlantic.

Hurricane Dorian, September 2, 2019, from the International Space Station. According to the Washington Post, this storm is one for the record books, having set milestones for the strongest hurricane at landfall (185 mph winds, tied for strongest winds with a 1935 hurricane, also on Labor Day) and for being the 2nd-strongest hurricane observed in the Atlantic based on wind speed alone. Image via NASA.

Following the news about Hurricane Dorian? Here’s how to understand hurricane maps, from the New York Times.

Deborah Byrd