Meteors over Montana

The Orionid meteor shower peaked last weekend, and many of the meteors were drowned in bright moonlight. But John Ashley managed to catch a few dozen in the narrow window between moonset and dawn Sunday morning.

Photo by John Ashley.

John Ashley of Kila, Montana captured these meteors – and created this composite – on October 21, 2018. He wrote:

On this opening day of Montana’s hunting season, I managed to bag 35 meteors in the darkness between moonset (4 a.m.) and dawn (6:30 a.m.). All catch and release, of course, as documented in this composite image. Most meteors traced back towards Orion the Hunter, marking them as likely Orionid meteors — dust from Halley’s Comet.

Mountains in the middle are (left to right) Heavens Peak, McPartland Mountain and Mount Vaught, all in Glacier National Park.

Thank you, John!

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Bottom line: Composite image showing meteors – most probably in the annual Orionid meteor shower – over Montana on the morning of October 21, 2018.

Deborah Byrd