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Cloud shadow on nearby clouds

Photo 1, taken March 7 by Helio C. Vital.

Helio C. Vital caught these photos from Saquarema, near Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He wrote:

These photos show the shadow cast by the anvil of a distant cumulonimbus (positioned in front of the very low sun) onto a surrounding (apparently ring-shaped) cloud a few minutes before sunset. The cloud-shaped shadow gradually covered part of the bright ring (photos 1, above, and 2, below), eventually disrupting it (photos 3 and 4, below).

Also noticed in the images are crepuscular rays and much larger cloud shadows produced on a cloud formation in the foreground.

A Canon PowerShot SX60 HS camera was used for the shots, taken at 21:07-21:11 UTC.

Thank you, Helio!

Photo 2, by Helio C. Vital.
Photo 3, by Helio C. Vital.
Photo 4, by Helio C. Vital.
March 13, 2017
Today's Image

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