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Airglow, bioluminescence, Milky Way rising

Photo by Amit Kamble in Auckland, New Zealand
Photo by Amit Kamble in Auckland, New Zealand. Visit Amit Kamble Photography on Facebook.

Amit Kamble captured this beautiful photo just after midnight on March 22, 2015. He wrote to EarthSky:

Although we had cloud cover that night we were greeted with beautiful airglow, bioluminescence and a 3-kilometer walk lead us to the end of the beach. Luckily, by the time we reached the spot, it was low tides which made the beach look like a beautiful mirror.

It was probably the best Milky Way reflections I’ve ever seen. The water was still moving a bit and hence the distortion in the reflection in this image. In the image is beautiful airglow around the horizon, Milky Way rising, Milky Way reflections and Saturn as the bright star on left from Antares.

If you look closely where the waves and cliffs meet, you can see the water being illuminated blue by bioluminescence.

Canon 6D with Samyang 24mm f1.4 Lens

Basic Curves and Levels adjustment in PS CC and WB Correction in LR

Thank you, Amit!

Bottom line: Airglow, bioluminescence, Milky Way and more from Amit Kamble in New Zealand.

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April 2, 2015
Today's Image

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