Find the Crown of the Scorpion

Here’s a cool asterism, or noticeable pattern of stars, to look for in your sky. The Scorpion’s Crown consists of just 3 stars.

Join space scientists marking Apollo anniversary

Join online as leading space scientists discuss the legacy of Apollo 11 during the mission’s 50th anniversary this week.

What’s the July birthstone?

Happy birthday to all you July babies! Your birthstone, the ruby, is among the most highly prized of gemstones.

Today in science: 1st Telstar launch

Telstar was the 1st satellite to relay television signals between Europe and North America. It launched on this date … and helped change the world.  

Why no eclipse every full and new moon?

In 2019, there are 13 new moons and 12 full moons, but only 5 eclipses – 3 solar and 2 lunar.

ESA will head for the double asteroid, too

Following NASA’s DART mission, if all goes as planned, an European Space Agency mission called Hera will also visit Didymos and its moon, to gather vital, detailed information. Watch a video, where astrophysicist and Queen guitarist Brian May explains more.

Today in science: Tunguska explosion

We celebrate Asteroid Day on June 30 because it’s the anniversary of a 1908 explosion over Siberia that killed reindeer and flattened trees. Here’s the latest on what we know.

Spiral galaxy NGC 2903

Meet an iconic spiral galaxy

This is a particularly photogenic spiral galaxy, called NGC 2903. You can see its pinwheeling spiral arms, scatterings of stars, glowing bursts of gas, and dark lanes of cosmic dust.

Video: Watching solstices and equinoxes from space

See how sunlight falls on Earth’s surface during the solstices and equinoxes, and get a better understanding of why Earth’s tilt causes the seasons.

Exoplanet landscape, composed by an artist.

IAU invites countries to name exoplanets

Nearly 100 countries have already signed up to organize national campaigns, to provide the public with an opportunity to vote. The deadline is July 30 to express interest in organizing a national campaign. The IAU will announce results in December.