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Deborah Byrd

Delta Aquariid meteors peak in moonlight

You might see a meteor in moonlight, or catch one Tuesday in the very narrow window between moonset and dawn. Or just wait. This shower will still be producing meteors at the Perseids’ peak in August.

Moon between Antares and Saturn

It’s getting exciting up there! We’re headed for a brightest Mars, and a long lunar eclipse, on July 27. Get in the mood by identifying Saturn and red star Antares near tonight’s moon.

These spacecraft are studying Mars dust

Raging, planet-wide dust storms – like the one going on now – happen only every 6 to 8 years on Mars. Here’s how NASA spacecraft are studying it, plus a cool before-and-after video! 

Mars is now brighter than since 2003

It’s bright. It’s red. It’s in the sky nearly all night. What is it!? It’s Mars, and it’ll shine brilliantly throughout July and August.

A week away from brightest Mars

We’re 1 week away from Mars’ 2018 opposition, best appearance of Mars since 2003. It’s extremely bright and very red, ascending in the east each evening now, crossing the sky for the rest of the night. Photos from the EarthSky community here.

Dust storm rolls in on Mars

Forecast for Mars: dust! This smaller storm appeared on Mars in April 2018, prior to the planet-wide storm happening now.

Apollo and the moon-landing hoax

Why do people persist in denying that human beings landed on the moon?

Today in science: 1st footsteps on moon

Today is the 49th anniversary of humanity’s historic first steps on the moon. The story in pictures, here.

Volcanic mood rings

The crater lakes at the summit of Kelimutu volcano in Indonesia change colors from day to day. The colors can change from white, green, blue and brown to black.

Deneb and Cygnus the Swan

The star Deneb in its constellation Cygnus the Swan are part of the famous Summer Triangle.