Deborah Byrd
Nearly full moon behind bare trees

November 12 full moon is the Beaver or Frosty Moon

Full moon – when the moon is most opposite the sun for this month – falls on November 12, 2019, at 13:34 UTC. Sometimes the November full moon is the Hunter’s Moon, but not this year.

If you think the moon is an impediment to meteor-watching

The moon is big and bright nearly all night now. It’ll turn full on Tuesday, just as the North Taurid meteor shower reaches a peak. The moon is a problem for meteor-watching, but this owl … a bigger problem.

Edmond Halley’s magnificent prediction

Born on today’s date in the year 1656, English astronomer and mathematician Edmond Halley was the first to predict the return of a comet. Today, Halley’s Comet – the most famous of all comets – bears his name.

Artist's concept of 2 planets in a twilight sky, with one much brighter than the other.

Giant planet HR 5183b would look 15 times brighter than Venus

Contrary to previous thought, a giant planet in a wild orbit doesn’t mean there can’t be an Earth-like planet in the same system. What’s more, the view from that Earth-like world as its giant neighbor moves past would be unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

Artist's concept of the Voyagers outside the heliosphere.

Voyager 2 sends back insights on interstellar space

Voyager 2 left the realm of the sun’s influence a year ago today, becoming the 2nd craft ever to do so. This week, the journal Nature Astronomy published 5 new papers describing what Voyager 2 has been seeing on its journey into the unknown.

A precisely half-illuminated moon.

1st quarter moon is November 4

The 1st quarter moon arrived on Monday, November 4, 2019, at 10:23 UTC. You’ll find the moon high up at sunset on this evening, appearing half-illuminated, like half a pie.

Man standing in the center of a giant crystal doughnut.

Scientists study world’s biggest geode

Scientists recently studied the formation of the huge crystals inside the giant geode of Pulpí, located deep in a Spanish mine. They revealed the natural process that grew the crystals, ripening them over thousands of years and making them literally crystal clear.

Large space rock appear close to Earth.

Small asteroid paid a heavy price for almost striking Earth Thursday

Earth’s gravity bent the trajectory of asteroid C0PPEV1 – also known as 2019 UN13 – as it swept only 3,852 miles (6,200 km) above Africa. As a result, its farthest point from the sun has now shifted out to the asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars.

All you need to know: Taurid meteors

Although a modest shower, perhaps offering 5 meteors per hour, the Taurid shower lasts over a month and is known for producing dramatic fireballs.

Mist over an Antarctic research station

A photo of mist above an Antarctic research station. Sunlight returned to this part of the world in August, after 4 months of continuous night. Now the station is getting ready for an influx of summer visitors.