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EarthSky 22

EarthSky 22: New beginnings

On our final EarthSky 22, a word about a powerful new telescope and the coming of spring for the Northern Hemisphere. Song of the week by The Raveonettes.

EarthSky 22: Landing on a comet

Rosetta mission plans to land a probe on a comet in late 2014. Plus skywatching as winter turns to spring. Song of the week: "Born to Roam" by Shakey Graves.

EarthSky 22: Comet PANSTARRS approaches!

The two comets of 2013. First up is Comet PANSTARRS, which you could see this week. Song of the week is Hundred Visions' "Last Cab from Tunis."

EarthSky 22: Full moon, planet Saturn, star Spica

The best time to see Saturn for 2013 is coming. Learn to identify it this week. Song of the week is Devon Sproule's "The Unmarked Animals."

EarthSky 22: Asteroids, Landsat launch, Jupiter and moon

Lots going on this week. Asteroid flyby. Meteor explodes over Russia. Jupiter and moon. Song of the week is Phosphorescent's "Song for Zula." Your 22 minutes of science and music here.

EarthSky 22: Asteroid sweeps in close this week

Close-passing asteroid. Landsat launch. Song of the week is Thao and the Get Down Stay Down's "We the Common." Your 22 minutes of science and music.

EarthSky 22: The making of Death Valley Dreamlapse

Gavin Heffernan talks about filming the Geminid meteor shower in Death Valley. Song of the week is Adram Torres' Rosemarie. Your 22 minutes of science and music. Just press play.

EarthSky 22: Dino tracks

This week, Mike talks with a scientist with a revised theory about some dinosaur tracks, Deborah talks full moon, and there's new music from Phosphorescent. Enjoy!

EarthSky 22: Closest Jupiter-moon seen in U.S.-Canada until 2026

Song of the week is Monahan's "Diamonds." ES weather blogger Matt Daniel interviews head of National Hurricane Center. Your 22 minutes of science and music!

EarthSky22: Landsat, the next generation

The next generation of Landsat satellites will launch in February 2013. Hear from Landsat scientists, learn about winter stargazing and check out new music from Belaire. Your 22 minutes of science and music!