Hubble spies a comet’s rotating jet

In March, Comet 252P/LINEAR passed exceedingly near the Earth. These images show the closest celestial object Hubble has observed, other than Earth’s moon.

New Hubble image of Mars

New Hubble Space Telescope image of Mars, in honor of the planet’s May 22 opposition, when our planet Earth will sweep between the Red Planet and the sun.

Milky Way over the Outer Banks

Jeff Berkes captured this image earlier this month, during a night sky photography workshop.

Moon halo, stars, planet over Chile

Haloes around the moon happen when moonlight shines through tiny ice crystals in the upper air. Here’s a moon halo, with bright stars and Jupiter nearby.

Where red Mars looks blue

Most images of Mars show colors homogenized by red dust and regolith. This infrared-red-blue color image shows Mars’ bedrock … and many colors.

Photos! May 9, 2016 transit of Mercury

Photos from the EarthSky community of the May 9, 2016, transit of Mercury across the face of the sun. Thanks to all who posted!

Airplane crosses sun’s face

While preparing on Sunday to watch today’s transit – an event Mercury crosses the face of our sun – Helio C. Vital caught an airplane doing the same.

Long meteor over Arkansas

Meteor showers happen when Earth passes through a stream of icy debris left behind by a comet. The famous Comet Halley spawned last week’s Eta Aquarids.

A mix of dark dust and bright stars

Vast dust clouds stretch across a rich starfield in near the northern boundary of the southern constellation Corona Australis, the Southern Crown.

Milky Way over Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica

“Since three years ago, we have planned to shoot this photo. We went to the zone repeatedly but every time we got nothing … until now.” – Sergio Vindas