Asteroid 2022 ES3 to pass within moon’s distance March 13

Diagram showing orbits of inner planets, Earth and asteroid.
View larger. | Orbits of Earth and near-Earth asteroid 2022 ES3, via Virtual Telescope.

Reprinted from the Virtual Telescope Project

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On March 13, 2022, the near-Earth asteroid 2022 ES3 will have a very close, but safe, encounter with Earth. It’ll come within about 208,000 miles (334,000 km) from the Earth, or 87% of the average distance between the Earth and moon. The Virtual Telescope Project will show it live, online, just at the flyby time. The livefeed will begin at 18:30 UTC on March 13, 2022. Go to Virtual Telescope’s website

Astronomers discovered this asteroid from the Kitt Peak National Observatory in Arizona on March 7, 2022. They announced the discovery the same day.

According to NASA JPL’s Small-Body Database, the asteroid has an estimated diameter in the range of about 30 to 40 feet (10–12 meters).

Bottom line: Near-Earth asteroid 2022 ES3 will have a close, safe encounter with Earth on March 13, 2022. Learn how to watch it live, here.

Go to Virtual Telescope’s website

March 13, 2022

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