EarthSky interviews Brian May of Queen

With a musical career spanning 3 decades, Queen founding member Brian May is a world-renowned guitarist, songwriter, producer, and performer. What EarthSky listeners may not know is that he is also an astronomer.

Brian May gave up his PhD studies in interplanetary dust to form Queen. Now, almost four decades later, he has come full circle to co-write Bang! The Complete History of the Universe with astronomers Patrick Moore and Chris Lintott.

‘I’ve had some wonderful times in my life. But I’ve also had some severe depression,’ May told EarthSky. ‘And in those times, I would go out and look at the sky and see perhaps Orion, in the sky, looking very strong and brave, and always the same. Always a friend I could come back to. I remember looking up at the stars and feeling brave, feeling that there was something eternal. And that I would get through, and I would find a better place.’

EarthSky features Brian May on two of its broadcasts Rock Star Describes Spiritual Lift from Astronomy and Bang! An Astronomy Book by Brian May of Queen. Both will be heard via EarthSky’s worldwide network of radio affiliates as well as online – via podcast and download – at times to be determined by individuals, radio affiliates, and other partners.

‘I grew up listening to Brian’s music and was blown away to discover his love of astronomy,’ said writer and producer Jorge Salazar, who interviewed May for EarthSky. ‘We are delighted to share his vision of making science accessible to everyone.’

November 9, 2006

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