EarthSky celebrates 15 years on radio and 5,000th radio broadcast

This innovative, popular science radio program celebrates a landmark anniversary with renewed focus on sustainability and hope.

The science radio series Earth & Sky today announced the release of its 5,000th radio broadcast. Titled Hope in a Human World, the broadcast will be heard this fall by six million people on Earth & Sky’s independent affiliate network of more than 1,000 radio stations in the U.S. and overseas.

To help celebrate its 5,000th broadcast, Earth & Sky is now offering new opportunities for its growing audience, including a new online store with partner Discovery Communications and a new community-focused website. According to Earth & Sky founder and Executive Producer Deborah Byrd, ‘Earth & Sky is honored to have served as a clear voice for science for 15 years. As we move forward, our emphasis is on the science of sustainability, ideas that will help humanity find solutions to 21st century challenges.’

Byrd and co-host Joel Block host the 5,000th broadcast, as they hosted the very first Earth & Sky broadcast on September 30, 1991. The 5,000th broadcast highlights the profound relationship between humans and our planet and possibilities for working together, not only with scientists, but also with other innovators, entrepreneurs, activists and citizens.

‘In the 21st century,’ Byrd said, ‘people have become Earth’s greatest resource.’

‘We owe a great deal of thanks for our 5,000th broadcast to our audience, which has grown with us and provided the feedback necessary for us to respond and remain relevant to them for 15 years,’ said Ryan Britton, Earth & Sky Executive Director.

The 5,000th Earth & Sky broadcast was produced and first released in September, 2006. This fall, it will be heard both on radio and online – via podcast, broadcast and online download – as determined by individuals, radio affiliates, and other partners.

October 2, 2006

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