Students from around the globe ask science questions on EarthSky

Earth & Sky, Inc. announced today the second season of the radio podcast series called, ‘Ask the Scientists.’ The series features students from all over the world asking the scientists about their world. This project – made possible in part by the Monsanto Fund – includes questions from students from around the globe – from Sweden to Brazil, Germany to the Philippines.

Selected questions from young people will be answered by top scientists and broadcast to more than 2000+ outlets around the world and online at throughout the project. Earth & Sky will also be presenting a number of science questions and answers in Spanish, reaching a predominately underserved population of Spanish-speaking young people.

The first podcast in the series will answer the question, “How do birds navigate?” with a pioneer in avian magnetoreception, Dr. Klaus Schulten. The next question, “What exactly is the Higgs particle?” will be answered by Dr. Leon Lederman, Nobel-prize winning physicist and author of the book, “The God Particle.” The podcasts will continue to be released throughout fall 2009. Students and teachers are encouraged to send Earth & Sky their science questions at askus (at) earthsky (dot) org for an opportunity to be selected to have their questions answered and broadcast.

Earth & Sky’s President, Ryan Britton, noted, “We have seen a consistent and lasting enthusiasm in the ‘Ask the Scientists’ programs and we are excited to bring this series to the public in 2009. The ‘Ask the Scientists’ series allows young people to engage in science in an interactive way, while also expanding skills in inquiry, technology application, and media production. We are grateful to the Monsanto Fund for their dedication to STEM education – supporting projects like ours which provide opportunities for young people around the globe to learn more about their world from scientists themselves.”

Earth & Sky, Inc. is a non-profit science educational organization based in Austin, Texas, which works in association with EarthSky Communications, Inc. to bring the voices of scientists to people around the world.

The Monsanto Fund is the philanthropic arm of the Monsanto Company. Incorporated in 1964, the Fund’s primary objective is to improve the lives of people by bridging the gap between their needs and their resources. The Monsanto Fund is focused on grant-making in four main areas: nutritional improvement through agriculture; science education, primarily on professional development for teachers; healthy environment, which includes conservation, protection of biodiversity, clean water and restoration of wildlife habitat; and improving the quality of life in communities where Monsanto employees live and work.

Visit the Monsanto Fund at

The EarthSky Promise: To bring the ideas, strategies and research results of scientists to people around the world, with the goal of illuminating pathways to a sustainable future.

August 2, 2009

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