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In tough times, the female brain is nature’s favorite

Societal organization of the last few thousand years seems to be male dominated, however, does nature favor women over men at times? I’ve long suspected as much, but recent research shows that it is true: when the chips are down and problems need to be solved, the female brain might be superior in some way to that of the male. We all knew this, didn’t we? All we have to do is look at wars, destruction, terror, killing and horror that are the result of stress over scarcity in resources and land—conflicts which are generally perpetrated by governing bodies or military composed of a preponderance of male strategists. On the other hand, when times get tough anywhere, what do the less powerfully positioned females do? The feminine reaction to stress and scarcity over resources is more typically to gather, conserve, feed, nurture, to hunker down, nest and protect.

There could be a number of feasible social reasons for this disparity, varying from bigger, physically stronger male warriors whose inclination because of natural talents is tribal preservation through violence, versus physically weaker yet naturally emotionally stronger females, mothers driven by their nature to protect dependent infants, children and others who are vulnerable members of their social network. But there are physical reasons too. If physical propensities lead to philosophical justification that is translated into active expression, we’re talking here about the classic polarity between creator/destroyer action and mentality, which may in the end be much more than a myth.

These ideas may seem to be just hypotheses unsupported by scientific facts, however, here is an interesting collection of lay articles I discovered today that explain there might be something to it. Read this article from LiveScience entitled, In Tough Times, Nature Favors the Female Brain. This research, supported by the National Science Foundation, refers to times of starvation and how male and female brains differ.

The site contains other articles which go further in related Topics on the Brain, about varying aspects of neuro-discoveries. Click here for a compendium, and read the fascinating evidence that males and females really are different, not just in their reproductive apparatus. The components of Intelligence, memory, sexuality, gender differences, and spirituality share complex headquarters in the same brain.

January 19, 2009
Human World

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