Top 10 most astonishing natural disaster events caught on surveillance

This top 10 post comes to us from Clint Henderson, with 2M Security Cameras & CCTV Camera Systems. We thought … sure.

The Internet is knee deep in flooding footage, overflowing with videos of volcanic eruptions, and consumed with fiery conflagrations caught on camera. The popularity of such astonishing natural disaster footage is no doubt due to the high levels of shock value. There are literally thousands of clips online depicting natural disaster moments, which have been captured by numerous types of cameras. As it so happens, we are a surveillance company, so we thought it would be fitting to scour the Internet and put together the most astonishing natural disaster footage caught on surveillance or security camera. This, as opposed to the videos you see taken from low resolution mobile phones and handheld cameras. We tried to compile a diverse selection, including footage of tornadoes, tsunamis, floods, earthquakes, volcanoes, fires, and hurricanes. Watch as these astounding videos demonstrate just how dreadful and fatal nature can be.

1) Pep Boys Store Getting Flooded
This Pep Boys, located in Nashville, TN, was submerged with about 4 feet of water. In May of 2010, Nashville experienced its 10th highest flood of all time.

2) A Vehicle Security Camera Records Car Getting Nailed by Tsunami Wave
Located on the eastern coast of Japan, Chiba Asahi City was significantly affected by the tsunami in March 2011. You can see the wave crashing into the car and carrying it, leaving the driver helpless in its wake. I only hope he survived this tremendous act of nature.

3) CCTV Cameras Catch Dam Bursting
Some might consider this natural, some might consider it man-made, but nonetheless, still a disaster. Our thoughts go out to the families of those that died in this tragic event in Russia, September of 2009.

4) Turkey Earthquake Tremor & Blackout
Watch as the camera shakes vigorously with the earthquake in Vam, Turkey in October 2011. The smoke could be from a building collapsing from the tremor. The city completely blacks out as a result of this. About 600 people lost their lives on that night.

5) Henryville Surveillance Cameras Capture Tornadoes March 2012
This one is nuts! It doesn’t take more than a few seconds for the tornado to take out the gym’s wall. Thankfully, school was not in session when this happened. The students were transferred the next day to a business complex 10 miles away to attend classes.

6) Tornado Tosses Cars
This footage was captured in Leighton, Alabama on May 8, 2008. The powerful tornado effortlessly picks up some cars and tosses them across the parking lot. It almost looks like special effects in a movie.

7) Hurricane Irene hits Morehead City, NC
Watch as Hurricane Irene tears a boat from its moorings. At the end of the video, you can see the boat being lifted and blown away by the heavy winds, clocked at 80 mph. This took place in August of 2011, and the hurricane death toll hit 44.

8) Great Miami Tornado of May 1997
This is a very old video, but still quite astonishing. Watch as the massive tornado starts hitting the ground at 1:35 and continue onto 2:00 to see it hit the water. It was an EF-1 category, but still very substantial in size.

9) Sakurajima Eruptions Caught on Surveillance
These eruptions took place on Mount Sakurajima , located in Ky?sh?, Japan on December 22nd and 23rd 2011. This amazing footage captures the volcano exploding followed by a lightning bolt, as you can see at 0:07 seconds into the video.

10) Timber Mountain Fire
The northwest section of the Nevada National Security Site witnessed a wildfire in July of 2011. The tree being recorded starts to get engulfed in flames at 1:10, and even the camera is damaged, but the chip was salvageable, giving us this recording. You can practically feel the heat just watching this video.

May 13, 2012

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