Neil Sampson: ‘We depend on forests every day’

Private forest landowners own about 57% of the American forest. And most of that – some 48% – are owned by family forest owners.

Neil Sampson is president of the Sampson Group, a company that consults on forests and climate. He said that Americans who don’t own wooded land still reap the benefits of forests.

Neil Sampson: All of us use forest products every day. As we enjoy recreation, or drive, as we drink water, as we breathe clean air, as we enjoy urban settings where an urban forest is very important in keeping the atmosphere clean, keeping temperatures down. We depend on these forests every day. We don’t always recognize that.

Sampson said that private forest owners play an essential role in keeping wooded land growing and healthy.

Neil Sampson: The truth of the matter is forests will only be managed by family forest owners with great pride as long as people in urban areas realize they are important in their lives. If there are 10 million forest owners and 300 million Americans, it tells you that the other 290 million of us need to have that appreciation.

Our thanks today to the American Forest Foundation, leading the way in conservation and education.

Our thanks to:
Neil Sampson
President, Sampson Group
Alexandria, VA

December 15, 2008

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