Best photos: Snowflakes

A lot of us have been cold and “snow-verwhelmed” recently, but – although we might be getting tired of snow – we’re never tired of snowflake pics from EarthSky friends!

Kris Orr captured this snowflake in Mercer County, New Jersey on December 30, 2017.

We’ve gotten a bunch of very cool photos of snowflakes from the EarthSky community. Here are a few of the coolest. Thank you so much for sharing them with us!

If you want to take snowflake photos and need a few helpful hints, check this out: How to take photos of snowflakes

John Entwistle wrote, “The beauty and intricacy of an individual snowflake that fell at the Jersey Shore, New Jersey. “

Photo by Sonia Khanvilkar.

Fiona M. Donnelly captured these snowflakes in Smiths Falls, Ontario, on January 3. 2018.

Photo by Joe Romano.

“The first snow of the year!” by Mac Mierzwinski.

Photo via Morgan Breeze.

Photo by Kimberly Smith

Photo by Eileen Claffey. She wrote, “Stuck to the slider window. Fast and furious and very cold storm.”

Phyllis Calson said,

Phyllis Calson said, “This is a collage of a few I took this year. Several hundred pics and so far I haven’t found 2 that are alike.”

Kelly Holtman Wagner took this photo of snowflakes on her deck in Boylston, Massachusetts.

“Here’s one I took back in 2009” wrote Adam Brown.

New England blizzard snowflake. Photo by Linda Roy Hadwen from New Hampshire.

Kevin Travino said, “I wanted to share this one I took off my windshield one night after work while warming up my car. The picture is not edited, just cropped to show the snowflake better. I took the picture with a Samsung Galaxy S3.”

Snowflake from Trillemarka, Sigdal. Photo by Jånn Peter Normann.

Denise Talley said,”I managed to capture a few snowflakes this morning during our wonderful snow storm! We got some much needed moisture and i got some good practice with my new lens :) Need to work on my focusing, perhaps my glasses would serve a good purpose here?”

Photo by Paula Lancaster Lupi of a snowflake and frost on her car window.

Bottom line: Photos of snowflakes.

Eleanor Imster