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What is the moon illusion?

It's nearly full moon. So you might see an extra-large-looking moon low in the sky, one evening soon. Why does the moon look so big? It's because of the "moon illusion," a trick your brain is playing.

Video: Seeing (infra)red

Andrew Shurtleff's stunning time-lapse video shows the world as viewed in near-infrared - like a planet painted in pure ice.

Video: Magnetic putty

Joey Shanks (ShanksFX from PBS Digital Studios) created this video powered by awesome power of magnetic putty.

Video: Honeybee in ultra slow motion

Watch a honeybee as it starts its flight, filmed with a high speed camera at 3000 frames per second.

Video: Wringing out a washcloth on the ISS

Here's another way cool video of astronaut Chris Hadfield doing an everyday thing in zero gravity aboard the ISS. This time he's wringing out a wet washcloth.

The history of humans on Earth, in two minutes

If you've got two minutes (OK, two and a half minutes) you can watch this cool video of the history of humans on Earth.

Watch this video of a plunge into an Antarctic lake

An intrepid diver shot the video from the bottom of icy lake, at the bottom of the world.

Ink into water in super high-resolution slow-mo

This super high resolution video features slow motion diffusion of ink drops in water. What does it suggest to you ... people dancing ... flowers blooming...?

Video: Why isn’t Pluto a planet anymore?

Video by C.G.P. Grey does a good job explaining why, in 2006, the International Astronomical Union demoted Pluto to dwarf planet status.

Video: How human numbers stack up against everything from bugs to bacteria

Humans on Earth now number 7,063,264,715 ... 7,063,264,716 ... 7,063,264,717 ... Ever wonder how human population numbers stack up against other species?

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