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Chris Comfort

Rock towers and Milky Way

Rock pile towers against a backdrop of the night sky in Rye, New Hampshire.

Conjuring an orb of light on the rim of Black Canyon

Nature photographer Max Seigal created this playful image of an orb of light in Colorado's Gunnison National Park, by spinning a flashlight on a string.

Lenticular clouds in the water and sky

Lenticular clouds both in the sky and reflecting in the water below, captured by photographer John A. Rossetto Jr. at 20 Lakes Basin in California.

Milky Way over Joshua Tree National Park

Manish Mamtani captured this image at Joshua Tree National Park, in the early hours of May 4, 2013.

Ring of fire – annular – eclipse from 2012

Rick Shanahan photographed the May 20, 2012 annular solar eclipse.

Sunset along Ireland’s Kerry coast

Alan Egan captured this beautiful sunset scene near Causeway in Kerry County, Ireland. He said the smell of blooming flowers mixed with the fresh sea air.

Last month’s lunar eclipse

Stanislaus Ronny Terrance photographed the April 25, 2013 partial lunar eclipse as seen from Frankfurt, Germany.

Star trails, airplanes, Eta Aquarid meteor

While on the hunt for Eta Aquarid meteors, Thomas Wildoner captured 420 frames to create this composite image of star trails.

Lightning strikes and starry nights

It's still International Dark Sky Week, and today's image of starry night skies and lightning strikes comes from photographer Scott Toste.

Star trails look like rain over Baja, California

As we continue to celebrate International Dark Sky Week, we present this composite star trails image from photographer Sergio Garcia Rill.