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Favorite photos from this weekend

Sunspots visible through the clouds above Long Island, New York – January 21, 2017 – from Unique Images by Martin Losco.
Winter Milky Way – a view of outer arms of our galaxy – by Ondrej Kralik Astrophotography in Slovakia.
The waning moon, with earthshine, over Meaux, France – January 21, 2017 – by Patrick Casaert of La Lune The Moon.
Planet Jupiter, star Spica, the moon, star Antares and planet Saturn Sunday morning before dawn – January 22, 2017 – in Kewanee, Illinois, from Niko Powe.
Rosanne Harter Haaland wrote on January 20, 2017: “Captured this halo today after watching it form in Kingsport, Tennessee.”
Star trails over Hong Kong by Matthew Chin, January 22, 2017.
“Beautiful Vénus tonight [and Mars] in my Normandy sky,” wrote Mohamed Laaifat Photographies on January 21, 2017.
Swedish Landscape & Nature Photos By Jörgen Andersson wrote on January 22, 2017, welcoming the fact that the sun is back for his latitude in Sweden!
Contrails at sunset – January 21, 2017 – from Juri Voit in Estonia.
Ruslan Merzlyakov of RMS Photography in Aarhus, Denmark calls this photo Lost at Night. He wrote: “Notice red color in the sky – this is airglow, an optical phenomenon, caused by chemical reactions … our atmosphere lights itself!”
January 22, 2017
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