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Milky Way over the Everglades

Watch this video, showing Earth spinning under the sky of the southern Everglades in Florida.

Milky Way Transit at 15fps from John Nelson on Vimeo.

John Nelson in Florida wrote:

Conditions all aligned for one clear night in south Florida so I was able to capture the Milky Way as it transited across the sky over the southern Everglades. This 15-second sequence runnng at 15fps consists of 216 separate 20 second exposures taken from 11:44 p.m. on May 28, 2017 to 12:58 a.m. on May 29. Several aircraft can be seen as streaks of light flying from left to right during the sequence. The brief flashes on the tree come from some vehicle traffic that came by on the road that was about 100 yards behind me. You may be able to see a couple of faint satellites towards the end of the sequence. Once I had the camera settings the way I wanted them, I set the camera to take consecutive images while I explored the local area. I didn’t even notice the cloud bank that appeared and dissipated during the shoot until I processed the images.

Beautiful! Thank you, John.

Deborah Byrd