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Moonrise over Arctic Ocean

A psychedelic moon rising over the Arctic Ocean, created by a strong temperature inversion.

Moonrise over the Arctic Ocean, by Kevin Rawlings, Febrarury 23, 2016.

View larger. | Moonrise over the Arctic Ocean, by Kevin Rawlings, February 23, 2016.

Kevin Rawlings wrote:

This photo of the moon rising over the Arctic Ocean was taken on February 23 from the Global Atmosphere Watch Observatory here in Alert, Nunavut, Canada.

We’ve been sitting under a very strong thermal inversion this week (at one point the weather station recorded -26°C at ground level, and -4°C at 700m elevation) and it’s been producing some rather strange sights at the horizon.

There’s been no editing done to this photo, the way it appears is exactly what I saw with my own eyes!

4 seconds @ f13, 600mm, ISO400

Taken with a Nikon D750 and a 300mm lens + 2x teleconverter

I hope you enjoy it!

Thank you, Kevin!

Deborah Byrd


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