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| Astronomy Essentials on Oct 28, 2012

Looking for a tide almanac? EarthSky recommends …

The tide almanacs recommended here are based on astronomical influences on the tides. They can help you know when to expect high and low tides.

Ocean tides result from the gravitational interaction and the ever-changing geometry between the sun, moon and Earth.

Although high tides and low tides happen daily, extra large spring tides take place at the vicinity of new moon and full moon. Neap tides, which happen around first quarter moon and last quarter moon, display the minimal variation between high and low tide.

These tide almanacs are based upon the astronomical influences on the tides, not the hard-to-predict meteorological factors, such as barometric pressure and wind.

Tidal Predictions by the National Ocean Service

WWW Tidal and Current Predictor by the University of South Carolina

Tide predictions around the globe by Tides.INFO

UK and Irish Tidal Predictions

XTide Tide Prediction Server