Forgotten boat and 3 planets

Photographer Nima Asadzadeh caught Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn against the backdrop of the distant Milky Way center, from Lake Urmia, Iran.

View larger. | Composite image by Nima Asadzadeh.

Nima Asadzadeh at Lake Urmia, Iran, composed this beautiful composite image of 33 vertical shots acquired March 26, 2018, around 3:30 a.m. The brightest starlike object in this image is Jupiter (on the far right). Below and to the left of Jupiter – below the little arc of three stars – is the bright red star Antares in the constellation Scorpius. Two more planets, Mars (right) and Saturn (left) are the bright starlike objects above the left side of the boat. Here are some details on the shot:

Nikon D7200 – Nikkor 18-140@18mm. Exif Of each shot: Shutter Speed 20″ – ISO 3200 – Aperture f/4.5. Photos were stitched in PTGui and entire photo processed in Adobe ACR and Adobe Photoshop.

Thank you, Nima!

This is a good week to look for Jupiter, Mars and Saturn. See Jupiter near the moon from late night April 2 and 3 to dawn April 3 and 4. Mars and Saturn are in conjunction April 2 and are together before dawn – in a single binocular field –¬†all week. Plus¬†Saturn and Mars are very near the moon on the morning of April 7.

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Bottom line: Photo of three planets and a forgotten boat.

Deborah Byrd