Eleanor Imster

Lead Editor

Eleanor Imster, EarthSky’s Lead Editor, rides the wide range of EarthSky.org each day, looking for digital fences to mend. She edits for EarthSky’s on-air podcast series. She serves on EarthSky’s Editorial Board, helping to choose which scientists we will interview in English and Spanish. These new science interviews – approximately 4 to 6 of them each week – form the core of the 20 or so new EarthSky science podcasts released every Monday to 1,500+ broadcast outlets. Eleanor works with a team of people who take EarthSky’s audio product – science podcasts broadcast millions of times daily – and make them available to the world of Internet users on a variety of online platforms including iTunes and Odeo. She has worked with EarthSky since 1995, when she and her husband and two sons lived in Austin. Before that, she made her home in New York City, where she majored in philosophy at Barnard College and was a songwriter / singer in rock bands.

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