Mojave Memorial Cross, California

Mojave National Preserve is located in northeast of Los Angeles, California, US, in the Mojave Desert, which is North America’s driest desert. It features interesting landscape such as mountains and canyons, inhabiting mountain lions, coyotes and bats. The coordinates given here pinpoints the Mojave Memorial Cross, which stands on Sunrise rock, a granite outcropping adjacent to Cima Road. The trailhead leading to Teutonia Peak is on the opposite side of the road. Other interesting spots include the Kelso Dunes, which are known for making “singing” sounds. As well, Cima Dome is a large granite mass covered with Joshua trees and the Hole-in-the-Wall cliffs are littered with holes and crevices. An EarthSky friend said: “Dark skies: Bortle Class 2 looking south to Bortle Class 1.”

August 30, 2020

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