Homestake Dry Camp, Death Valley National Park

The remote Homestake Dry Camp, in California’s Death Valley National Park, lies 3.1 miles (5 km) from Racetrack Playa, a dry lakebed best known for its strange moving rocks. While this entire area would be great for stargazing, the Racetrack dirt road is a “Day Use Only” dirt road, where backcountry camping is not allowed, so you will need to use the campground for your nighttime observations. Check the website to find where camping is and is not allowed in Death Valley National Park. Also, the campsites are remote, so refer to the website for regulations, permits, and suggestions. A stargazer writes: “It is one of the few places I have visited in my life where I could actually hear a pin drop and see the Milky Way just by looking up. Excepting for the valley walls you will have an awesome experience with just your eyes or a telescope. Low light pollution, exotic location, and as quiet as a person can experience.”

October 5, 2016

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