Haunted Lake

Haunted Lake is a small lake also known as Scoby Pond, just 20 miles (33 km) west of Manchester, New Hampshire. Local legends have it that the original owner of this lake uncovered a skeleton during its construction; since then, numerous murders, deaths, and missing person cases have taken place on the property. Please note that while there are no designated stargazing areas, the lake is accessible by the public year-round and offers secluded boat ramps, fishing docks, canoeing, and more, with wide open night skies suited for gazing. One EarthSky reader says “although the name sounds spooky, any road or barn near Haunted Lake offers nice star gazing on clear nights … if you’re brave enough!” Camping, however, is not available. For more information, please visit online or call 603-352-9669.

September 15, 2019

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