Flatruet Fell

Flatruet is a fell in north western Härjedalen, Sweden, which comprises many ravines dating back to the end of the ice age. The ravines were formed when the ice lake in the Messlingen valley area burst and rushed down into the valley below. The majority of the ravines reside on the south side of Flatruet. Evagraven is probably the most famous ravine of Flatruet and is located 2 kilometers west of Ruänden’s rock art. An old Swedish legend says that a lady named Eva died in the ravine during a snowstorm, which is how the ravine got its name. Evagraven is so deep that the snow on the ravine’s floor doesn’t melt, even in the summer.

The road over the mountain Flatruet is Sweden’s highest road (above the sea level). The Flatruet road was opened by the King in 1938 and is a true nature experience. Keep in mind, the road is closed at night, and camping overnight is illegal. The road is closed with bars, so make sure to check the current opening hours if you don’t want to be locked in.

August 27, 2020

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