Video: Lunar halo seen over Israel on January 27, 2013

Time-sequence video showing a lunar halo form. The moon with its halo appears to drift as Earth turns beneath the sky. From our friends at Bareket Observatory.

Ido at Bareket Observatory in Israel just dropped us this note via email:

We got a nice time sequence from last night’s lunar halo.

And so they did! You will enjoy this beautiful video.

The time sequence footage is from the Bareket Observatory’s sky camera broadcast, available 24/7. The camera is an integrated part of the Remote Internet Telescope, operated for science and education. Read about Bareket’s astronomy outreach projects here.

Thank you, Ido!

Bottom line: Video from Bareket Observatory in Israel showing the formation of a lunar halo, and showing the moon with its halo appearing to drift as Earth turns beneath the sky.

What makes a halo around the sun or moon?

Deborah Byrd