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Watch Jeopardy pit humans vs. artificial intelligence

Watch this video to see a practice match of the game show Jeopardy with humans vs. the artificial intelligence of IBM’s Watson program.

“We decided that we needed to build a system that could extract knowledge at a much faster rate from enormous amounts of data than human beings or any other computer system could do,” said John E. Kelly, III, Senior Vice President and Director of IBM Research. A room-sized system of 90 servers pours through 200 million pages of content in less than three seconds to give Watson its computing power.

What makes Watson particularly valuable to IBM development is the advances made in deep analytics of huge data sets and what’s called natural language processing, basically interacting and communicating with a computer using ordinary speech, in this case English. The Wall Street Journal writes that the development of IBM’s Watson could help it stand out in the $27 billion dollar business analytics field.

Benito Fernandez builds robots that learn from experience

January 18, 2011
Human World

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