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Universal intelligence test for people, animals, computers and extra-terrestrials

A team of Spanish and Australian researchers says it has taken the first step toward developing an “anytime” intelligence test, which uses a scientific method to measure the intelligence of a human being, an animal, a machine, or an extraterrestrial. Prior to this, no such test existed.

The step taken by these researchers is that of presenting the foundations to be used as a basis for this test in the journal Artificial Intelligence. They have also put forward a new intelligence test.

anYnt: Anytime Universal Intelligence – Project Summary

A key feature of the test is that it can be interrupted at any time, but that it gives a more accurate idea of the intelligence of the test subject if there is a longer time available in which to carry it out, according to José Hernández-Orallo, a researcher at the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV) and lead author on the paper.

The Spanish and Australian team says a universal intelligence test should be able to be applied to any subject – whether biological or not – at any point in its development (child or adult, for example), for any system now or in the future, and with any level of intelligence or speed.

Via EurekaAlert

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January 28, 2011
Human World

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