Molly Brown on early warning for famine

NASA’s Molly Brown developed a Famine Early Warning System Network. Brown talks about this life-saving technology in this 8-minute podcast.

‘The reason it’s called Famine Early Warning Systems Network, is that if nothing is done, a situation may develop into a famine.’ – Molly Brown

NASA research scientist Molly Brown measures vegetation in areas of Africa vulnerable to food insecurity and famine. Brown and other scientists have developed a Famine Early Warning System Network, which uses satellite measurements to help determine if and when a part of Earth needs food aid.

EarthSky’s Lindsay Patterson speaks with Molly Brown in this 8-minute podcast.

Our thanks to NASA‘s Terra Mission, helping us better understand and protect our home planet.

Our thanks to:
Molly Brown
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Greenbelt, MD

Lindsay Patterson