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Henry Cisneros speaks out for new urbanism

Henry Cisneros: The motivating force in my work is to try to create housing as the vehicle by which people can aspire to advancing in society, raising their children safely, having the platform where their children can improve their lives and go to school.

Henry Cisneros was U.S. Secretary of Housing under President Clinton. Cisneros now chairs the investment firm CityView, and is an advocate for what’s called ‘new urbanism.’

Henry Cisneros: We should build at a smaller scale, emphasizing the sociability, the interconnectedness of homes into neighborhoods, into larger communities.

In contrast to the typical suburb, Cisneros said new urbanist design is typified by densely packed neighborhoods close to town, built for families of diverse incomes.

Henry Cisneros: What it means is front porches, back yards, green space, sidewalks that work, communities that are oriented more toward people walking as opposed to driving.

Cisneros added that, if done correctly, mixed-income communities help advance people.

Henry Cisneros: It argues for affordability, so that people who are first-time home buyers can get into it. And it argues for an integration across racial and ethnic and income groups in our society.

Our thanks to:
Henry Cisneros
Executive Chairman
San Antonio, TX

December 14, 2008
Human World

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