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Brian Malow: What’s so funny about science?

Brian Malow : I saw a movie with my friend Chuck. And I don’t like seeing movies with him because he always has to sit in the front row because he thinks he gets to see the movie before anybody else. And you can’t argue with him because he has the trump card. The speed of light is finite, Brian. And it’s true, the speed of light is finite, but it’s very fast. Anyone know the speed of light? A hundred and eighty-six thousand miles per second. So if you had a theater, and this is what I told Chuck, if you had a theater a hundred and eighty-six thousand miles long, you would only see the movie one second before the guy in the last row. And he said, yeah, but you’d hear it a week and a half before him. And you probably wouldn’t get your popcorn for years.

In this EarthSky’s Clear Voices for Science interview, science correspondent and entertainer Brian Malow – known as the ‘science comedian’ – talks with EarthSky’s Jorge Salazar about his work in igniting people’s interest in science.

October 19, 2010
Human World

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