Bill Nye explains possible breached core at Fukushima Reactor #3

The Fukushima Reactor #3 in Japan may have suffered a breach. Bill Nye the Science Guy describes the situation and explains the potential dangers to CNN.

Watch this CNN video featuring Bill Nye (formerly of Bill Nye the Science Guy and now Executive Director of the Planetary Society) explaining some of the details related to the possibly breached core of Fukushima Reactor #3 in Japan. Apparently, water into which three workers stepped in the No. 3 control room measured 10,000 times the expected level in radioactivity, indicating the core may be cracked and leaking radioactivity. Two of the men suffered radiation burns, and were admitted Friday for four days of observation at Japan’s National Institute for Radiological Sciences.

Watch Bill Nye explaining possible breached core at nuclear reaction in Japan, on CNN

Deborah Byrd