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Mohammad Adeel
Khangarh, Punjab, Pakistan
02:30 am

Equipment Details:

90 sec x 38 light frames
ISO 400, f/2.8, 135mm
Darks and bias frames
Canon 1300D unmodified
Samyang 135mm, f/2.2
Ioptron sky tracker mini
Captured from bortle 5 skies

Post-processing Details:

DSS for stacking
Starnet++ for creating starless image
Photoshop 2020 for post processing

Image Details:

The Orion complex - A region full of stellar nurseries

The Orion constellation is the most loved and most photographed region of the winter's night sky as it contains the brightest of nebula and so much activity going on in one small area of the vastness and beauty of the night sky.

I had always wanted to capture a nebula and it's humbling to have captured not 1 but 4 nebulae in one frame. The Orion, Running man, Horse head and the flame nebulae are all part of the Orion complex (sometimes called the Orion molecular cloud complex) which is a huge star-forming area in the constellation of Orion. It is a large group of bright nebulae, dark clouds, and young star clusters. The cloud is between 1,500 and 1,600 light-years away and is hundreds of light-years across.