David Monsma on first Aspen Environment Forum in 2008

Leaders of industry, science, journalism, politics, and sustainability converge with members of the general public on March 26, 2008 in Colorado for the first Aspen Environment Forum on the future of our shared environment.

David Monsma: The Aspen Institute places significance on discussion, on dialogue, on spirited debate around any number of issues. And the Aspen Environment Forum is no different.

That’s David Monsma, executive director of the Energy and Environment Program for the Aspen Institute, which hosted the forum in partnership with National Geographic.

When, for instance, executives from oil, gas and electric companies gather with experts on peak oil and renewables, the exchanges might get heated.

David Monsma: It’s not a love fest, it’s basically designed to get at the issues and to try to expose, and reveal, and surface some dimension, or depth to some of these issues.

Monsma said that over 100 speakers are expected to join about 250 participants in Aspen to discuss topics which include adapting to Earth’s changing climate and meeting the human need for enough clean water and energy.

David Monsma: That’s something that we value at the Aspen Institute, greatly, is being able to raise the hard questions.

The Aspen Environment Forum, in Aspen, Colorado is a three-day exchange examining the challenges of preserving the environment within a robust economy.

Our thanks to:
David Monsma
Executive Director
Energy and Environment Program
Aspen Institute

March 26, 2008

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