Jon Ranson calculates Earth’s carbon budget in a warmer world

Jon Ranson talks about studying vegetation via satellite, and how carbon relates to climate change, in this 8-minute *EarthSky Clear Voices for Science* podcast.

‘We know that right now, we cannot balance the carbon budget of the Earth.’
– Jon Ranson

Jon Ranson of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center uses NASA’s Terra satellite to study changes in vegetation. Dr. Ranson spoke with EarthSky about Earth’s carbon cycle – which describes the way that carbon, a building block for life, moves from our planet’s atmosphere, land, and oceans into living beings and back again. Disruptions to the carbon cycle are what’s causing global warming in this century.

Our thanks to NASA‘s Terra Mission, helping us better understand and protect our home planet.

Our thanks to:
Jon Ranson
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Greenbelt, Maryland

Lindsay Patterson