Best pics from EarthSky Facebook friends during 2012 Backyard Bird Count

During the 2012 Backyard Backyard Bird Count, some great bird pics from EarthSky Facebook friends.

During the 2012 Great Backyard Bird Count, EarthSky’s Facebook friends posted some wonderful pics of the birds they saw. Here are some of the best.

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Robins. Bay area, CA. Photo credit: Jessica Kolman

Eastern bluebird. St. Catharines, Ontario. Photo credit: Joel Pops Diacur

Waxwing. Calgary, Alberta. Photo Credit: Jill Whamond

Pileated Woodpecker, Fish Creek Park, Calgary, Alberta. Photo credit: Jill Whamond

Pileated woodpecker. Photo credit: Janet Furlong

Cardinal. Latrobe, PA. Photo credit: Jim Crypty Gracie

Tufted titmouse. Photo credit: Stan Lewis

Tufted titmouse. Houston, TX. Photo credit: Frank Komitsky Jr.

Red tailed hawk. McDonough, GA. Photo credit: Ralph E. Myers

Cooper’s hawk. Folsom, CA. Photo Credit: Kimberly Kolafa

Cardinal. Photo credit: John Blair

White-faced Ibis. Pleasant Valley, NV. Photo Credit: Chris Walker

Blackheaded Grosbeak. Yosemite National Park. Photo Credit: Chris Walker

Osprey. Burney Falls, CA. Photo Credit: Chris Walker

Northern cardinal. Milton, FL. Photo credit: Christopher King

Bottom line: Photos from participants in the 2012 Great Backyard Bird Count.

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