Chasing the northern lights in Alberta

A night sky timelapse by Jack Fusco featuring frozen lakes, fog inversions, and of course the northern lights!

What’s great about Alberta, Canada’s big skies? They’re the perfect stage for one of Earth’s greatest light shows. In this timelapse, shot in March 2017, photographer Jack Fusco captures the elusive northern lights – and more.

Jack told us:

I’m very excited to share [this video] that I shot in the Canmore area chasing the Northern lights. I teamed up with Alberta local Jeff Barlett and Travel Alberta to make this idea all come together. It was a crazy trip with temperatures dipping to -19, but it every second was worth it to see the northern lights. I even got to timelapse … something I had never seen in the past. I couldn’t believe it when I saw the pillar in the sky and remember yelling out to Jeff to make sure he was seeing it, too!

Thanks so much for sharing this with us Jack!

Bottom line: Timelapse of aurora, shot in Alberta, Canada by Jack Fusco.

Eleanor Imster