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Tom Edathikunnel

First-of-its-kind bird fossil found in Brazil

It dates back approximately 115 million years and reveals a prehistoric bird with long tail feathers, a first-of-its-kind find for South America.

An octopus senses light with its skin

New research shows an octopus can change skin color in response to light, without input from the eye or brain.

Opah, the first truly warm-blooded fish

It circulates heated blood through its body as mammals and birds do. Its warm blood makes the opah a high-performance predator that swims faster, sees better.

Sea salt on Jupiter’s moon Europa

Europa is thought to have a subsurface ocean. Salt from this hidden sea might be emerging in long fractures visible in the moon's crust.

An ancient magnetic field on Mercury

Near the end of its mission, the MESSENGER spacecraft revealed Mercury's magnetic field to be at least 3.7 to 3.9 billion years old, or older.