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New model explains Io’s misplaced volcanos

Io's volcanic activity may be due to a unique combination of ordinary gravitational squeezing by Jupiter and friction on molten rock within Io's interior.

Largest dinosaur with birdlike wings and feathers

Discovery of largest-ever winged dino in China, from 125 million years ago. It was sleek and birdlike with feathers on its arms and torso, but it could not fly.

When Earth’s continents rose above its oceans

Earth's thick continental crust - the land under our feet - may have risen from the oceans half a billion years earlier than scientists previously thought.

Update on mission to asteroid Bennu

NASA's OSIRIS-Rex mission is on target for a 2016 launch to near-Earth asteroid Bennu. It will reach Bennu in 2018 and return samples to Earth in 2023.

Yeti crabs thrive in hot ocean vents near Antarctica

This species of crab - found abundantly near the hot-water vents of the Southern Ocean - have now been described for the first time.

Stars’ spiral arms cradle baby planets

A new theoretical model focuses on the spiral arms now known to exist around some young stars. The spiral arms may enable rocky planets like Earth to form.

Next Mars mission is ESA’s ExoMars

ESA's ExoMars consists of two separate missions to investigate Mars. The first, set to launch in January 2016, consists of an orbiter and lander.

Titan’s strange lakes may be sinkholes

What forms the depressions holding liquid hydrocarbon lakes on Saturn's moon Titan? It might be a process similar to that creating caves and sinkholes on Earth.

Methane in Mars meteorites = life?

Biological processes can produce methane. Its presence in Martian meteorites might mean Mars was or is habitable for microbial life. Or it might not.

Supermassive black hole is serial exploder

Astronomers see cavities - like giant bubbles - in hot gas around galaxy cluster NGC 5813, caused by multiple eruptions over millions of years of a black hole.

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