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Tom Edathikunnel

New ideas on dinosaur evolution

Basic facts that paleontologists thought they'd known for 130 years - about dinosaurs' family trees - might turn out to be wrong.

Ancient tortoise reveals tropical DNA

This is a rare look at tropical DNA, courtesy of an ancient giant tortoise that tumbled into a sinkhole 1,000 years ago.

How did horses evolve?

A new 'tree of life,' showing how horses have evolved over the past 18 million years challenges long-held ideas.

China’s new feathered Mud Dragon dino

A Chinese construction crew unearthed a new dinosaur fossil. It had feathers and a beak. A scientist called it "one of the most beautiful, but saddest, fossils I’ve ever seen."

Celebrating 100,000 orbits for ISS

Facts, links and photos here, with a word about ISS's history and purpose.

Newest Mars mission on its way

Signals have been received from the ExoMars mission spacecraft, and the craft is in good health and on its way to Mars!

Octopus Casper could be new species

Scientists found the creature in the deep sea, in the Hawaiian Archipelago. They nicknamed it Casper because of its ghostly appearance, caused by a lack of pigment.

SpaceX landing attempt failed, as expected

Latest attempt to land Falcon9 first stage at sea was too "hot." Rockets landed too hard on drone ship and tipped. Elon Musk sees good chance for next time.

Australia’s largest carnivorous dino yet

Miners, working in opal deposits in the New South Wales outback, first discovered the fossilized remains of this creature, which has been dubbed Lightning Claw.

Fossil evidence of Earth’s oldest sea turtle

Fossilized shells and bones uncovered at two sites in Colombia. Scientists date this ancient sea turtle's remains at 120 million years old.