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Powerful X-ray imaging reveals new details of dinosaur embryos in eggs

To look at dinosaur embryos entombed inside 200 million year old fossil eggs, scientists used powerful X-rays to create detailed images. They wanted to see how these embryos compared to those of modern-day dinosaur relatives.

A rainforest in Antarctica during the age of dinosaurs

A temperate rainforest once flourished in Western Antarctica, just 560 miles from the South Pole, 90 million years ago.

Indonesia’s Anak Krakatau volcano is erupting

Anak Krakatau (Child of Krakatau) volcano began erupting last night - Friday, April 10, 2020 - according to clocks in Indonesia. The eruption is not thought to be major, although it's the longest eruption since 2018. Webcams and satellites caught its awesome beauty.

EarthSky’s essential coronavirus links

Updated April 9, 2020. African Americans more likely to get COVID-19. What’s next after stay-at-home orders are lifted? Worries about a global “poverty tsunami." Coronavirus arrived in New York from Europe. Tweets from the frontlines. More.

More essential coronavirus links March 24-April 2

A roundup of information from physicians, scientists and journalists about the COVID-19 pandemic.

Wonderchicken fossil casts new light on bird evolution

The oldest known bird fossil, from the age of dinosaurs, has skull features similar to modern chickens. The scientists who found it have nicknamed it "Wonderchicken." It's providing valuable insights into the evolution of birds.

Ancient humans in India survived Toba super-volcano eruption

The Toba super-volcano eruption 74,000 years ago was 5,000 times larger than that of Mount St. Helens. Somehow, ancient human populations in India survived it.

New Neanderthal bones found at famous Shanidar Cave

The newly found bones were close to the site of the famous ‘flower burial’ in Shanidar Cave, which overturned notions of Neanderthals as brutish subhumans and suggested they buried their dead.

A bee from the age of dinosaurs

One hundred million years ago, a bee got trapped in tree resin. Over time, geological forces converted the resin to amber. Now a scientist arrives on the scene, to tell us this bee’s story.

Meet the Reaper of Death, a new Canadian tyrannosaur

A new tyrannosaur species named Thanatotheristes, which means “reaper of death,” was the apex predator of its time, 79 million years ago in present day Alberta, Canada.