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Jan van der Eijk: ‘The three hard truths of the world’s energy use’

Jan van der Eijk is Chief Technology Officer for Shell. In this 12-minute Clear Voices for Science podcast, he discusses what he calls the “three hard truths” of meeting the world’s energy needs.

“Increase in energy demand and also the need to use all kinds of sources of energy will lead to an increase in C02 emissions, and we all know that the C02 emissions are related to global warming. That’s a major concern and also something that calls for aggressive action.” – Jan van der Eijk

Jan van der Eijk is Chief Technology Officer of Shell. In this EarthSky Clear Voices for Science podcast, he speaks of what Shell calls “the three hard truths” of the world’s energy use.

The first truth, he said, is simply that Earth’s population and energy needs will substantially grow. The second is that the easy-to-reach oil and gas will struggle to supply that growth. And the third hard truth relates to rising CO2 in our atmosphere, caused by the burning of fossil fuels, which is leading to a warmer world.

This podcast was made possible in part by Shell – encouraging dialogue on the energy challenge.

Deborah Byrd


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