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11:21 pm

Equipment Details:

Celestron Rasa 8
Zwo 183mc Pro camera
Skywatcher EQ-R6 Pro Mount
Starizona filter slider
Bahtinov mask
Celestron dew ring

Post-processing Details:

I used Pixinsight for stacking and processing. Calibration frames were used for stacking

Image Details:

The Rosette Nebula or sometimes refer to as the human skull nebula is an emission nebula in the constellation of Monoceros. The central open star cluster which is mainly responsible for shaping the nebula is NGC 2244. This is a HaRGB data,mixing of two filters. 17 hours and 10 minutes from the Idas nbz filter and 7 hours 40.5 minutes from the Astronomik L2 filter giving me a total integration time of 24 hours 50.5 minutes. All data was from my bortle 7 skies in Leeds

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