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Egidio Vergani
Atacama desert (Chile)
11:30 pm

Equipment Details:

• Telescopes or Acquisition Objectives: ASA 500N
• Acquisition Chambers: FLI PL16803
• Frames: ASA DDM500
• Filters: Astrodon Gen2 E-Series Tru-Balance Blue 50 mm · Astrodon Gen2 E-Series Tru-Balance Green 50 mm · Astrodon Gen2 E-Series Tru-Balance Red 50 mm · Astrodon H-alpha 5nm 50×50 mm · Astrodon OIII 5nm 50mm
Integration: 3h 35′

Post-processing Details:


Image Details:

Dolphin Nebula Sh2-308, is located about 5,200 light years from us. Its shape resembles the shape of the marine mammal. The bright star at its center, with a mass presumably over twenty times that of the sun, creates a stellar wind that illuminates the nebula.

This is my processing of data received from amateur astronomer friends of the ShaRA project, which includes over 20 astrophotographers.

Filmed remotely from the Atacama Desert (Chile) at Chilescope

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