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Richard Witkowski
Kemil Beach, Indiana Dunes National Park
08:00 pm

Equipment Details:

Canon Rebel T7
24mm Canon EF lens ("Pancake lens")
76 minutes of exposure time: 2 minute exposures for the star trails, 1 minute exposure of foreground

Post-processing Details:

Photoshop to make composition with separate foreground and sky
Lightroom to make touch-ups

Image Details:

I have been in astrophotography a little over a year now and this was my first attempt at star trails. If anyone wants to get into astrophotography, this is where they should start, as you only need a wide angle lens, tripod, and the intervalometer to make the long exposures. No fancy star tracker is needed because you are doing the exact opposite of what the star tracker does! I pointed at the North Celestial Pole, but you can also point towards the equator line for a different affect. I hope this encourages people to get into the hobby of astrophotography!