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Kamala Venkatesh
Julian, CA, USA
06:45 pm

Equipment Details:

Nikon D750; Sigma 100-400/f5-6.3 lens

Post-processing Details:

Processed in Adobe Lightroom.

Image Details:

I shot this post-sunset pointing my camera to the east. I had always wondered why Sunrises and Sunsets are so colorful? Upon researching, this is what I found. "The angle of sunlight as it enters the atmosphere also affects the color of the sky. During sunrise or sunset, when the sun is close to the horizon, the light must travel through more of the atmosphere than it does when the sun is overhead. This results in more scattering of light, including longer wavelengths such as yellow, orange, and red, which creates colorful sunrise and sunset skies." Also, "at sunset, the Earth's shadow falls opposite the Sun and extends along nearly 180° of the horizon. Topping the shadow, blue band, is the Belt of Venus, which forms when reddened sunlight scatters off the atmosphere and back to our eyes.