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Ernest Jacobs
Eden, NY 14057
11:00 pm

Equipment Details:

Telescope: Explore Scientific ED80 Essential Series Air-Spaced Triplet Refractor
Camera: ZWO ASI2600MC Pro
Filter: Optolong L-eXtreme
Mount: Sky-Watcher USA EQ6-R Pro

Post-processing Details:

Exposure: 45 exposures at 300 sec / Gain 100 / Offset 50 / -10°C each for a total exposure of 3.75 hours.
Software: NINA, SharpCap Pro, PHD2, and PixInsight
All post and pre processing were done in PixInsight (Subframe Selector, Blink, WBPP (2XDrizzle Integration & Autocrop), DBE, SPCC, BlurXTerminator, NoiseXTerminator, HT, StarXTerminator, CT, SCNR, LHE, MMT & Pixel Math

Image Details:

Messier 27 (M27), a.k.a The Dumbbell Nebula, captured from my backyard on 09/01/2023. M27 is a Planetary Nebula located in the constellation Vulpecula. It is fairly easy to observe visually in either binoculars or telescope. Use of Nebula filter (like a UHC or Oiii) can improve contrast, making the nebula "pop" in the eyepiece. This image was captured with a dual narrowband filter between my telescope and One Shot color Camera (OSC). This type of filter only allows specific wavelengths of light (Hydrogen-Alpha and Oiii) and is perfect for emission nebulae (Planetary Nebulae are subset of Emission Nebulae). The image was captured a couple of days past Full Moon, which would have been far more challenging (maybe impossible) without use of the filter.